New Horizons – Open Access ARGOS Telemetry

New Horizons – Open Access ARGOS Telemetry

Why isn't there an Arduino style platform for biologging and satellite telemetry? It's a question that the Arribada Initiative has been working to address for the past 3 years, and today at the World Marine Mammal Conference in Barcelona, we were delighted to be able...

We’re all in this together. My Shuttleworth Fellowship

We’re all in this together. My Shuttleworth Fellowship

I'm a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow. In around 5 months time I'll transition to Alumni, as a Fellowship has a limit of 3 years. On the first day of my Fellowship I wrote a piece about the road ahead. Reading it back this morning, it reminded me of those early days,...

Building a better camera trap

A few months ago, I went tree climbing to become a certified tree climber, advancing Arribada’s goal to improve the design and installation of arboreal technology and provide project design and field installation assistance to our...

Polar bear detection

Thermopiles vs microbolometers. We review our research to date in Greenland and the challenge of detecting bears at -20C

Introducing the Arribada Horizon ARTIC R2 Developer’s Kit.

Add ARGOS satellite connectivity to your own device or design, or use it as a ready-to-go stand alone GPS and ARGOS tracker.

We’ve interfaced our Horizon GPS board with our new Argos ARTIC R2 transmitter to get you up and running quickly, compatible with next generation ARGOS-4 satellites and the future Kineis constellation of nanosatellites.

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We’re all in this together