About Arribada

Our world is undergoing unprecedented environmental change.

If we’re to solve real conservation challenges, we need to break down the barriers that inhibit our access to conservation technologies that afford us the ability to do so.

We believe that open solutions can deliver better, cheaper, reliable solutions and we are working to help the global conservation community access open solutions, so together, we can better conserve, monitor and protect our planet.

Arribada’s openness in conservation technology, rather than the conservation of a specific animal or habitat, creates fertile ground for broad collaboration and replication

Shuttleworth Foundation


We co-develop open, customisable and sharable conservation technologies for the world’s leading conservation organisations


Our aggregated group purchasing model helps to drive down costs and ensure that everyone gets access to the same low-cost, effective tools and solutions


We re-invest our profits to fund after school conservation technology clubs, ensuring that local communities have access to free digital literacy lessons

Low-cost open access biologging

Breaking down barriers

Arribada’s Horizon platform provides the building blocks
necessary to develop low-cost wireless sensors and
biologging tags. Its open, modular design focuses
on the provision of a central control board that breaks
out popular input / output connectivity (SPI / I2C) to
enable developers to connect their own proprietary
sensors or payloads.

Developed to unlock access to accessible, lower cost biologging hardware, the platform was originally utilised to develop green sea
turtle GPS biologging tags in partnership with the Zoological Society of London. Argos satellite and cellular connectivity was then introduced by the National Geographic Society to track plastic waste
leaving the Ganges delta as part of their Sea to Source Expedition.

Learn more about our Horizon biologging platform.







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