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Arribada develops open and accessible technology for wildlife, people and the planet, driving down cost and scaling up access to impact-driven tools and solutions to solve conservation and environmental challenges, together.

CLS Collecte Localisation Satellites
Fauna & Flora International Conservation Technology
CLS Collecte Localisation Satellites
Fauna & Flora International Conservation Technology
UK Space Agency Conservation Technology
Blue World Research Institute

Open source
ARGOS has arrived

Introducing the Arribada Horizon ARTIC R2 Developer’s Kit.

Add ARGOS satellite connectivity to your own device or design, or use it as a ready-to-go stand alone GPS and ARGOS tracker.


Plug-and-play out of the box

We’ve interfaced our Horizon GPS board with our new Argos ARTIC R2 transmitter to get you up and running quickly, compatible with next generation ARGOS-4 satellites and the future Kineis constellation of nanosatellites.


Developer friendly

Configure and modify settings using our straight forward Python tools over USB, or use the built-in Bluetooth 5.0 to communicate with the tag wirelessly.


Integrate into your custom solution

After evaluating, connect the Argos ARTIC transmitter to your own custom device / solution and integrate with your own hardware and microcontroller without having to re-spin the board.

GeoSeals real time humanitarian aid tracking

Real-time stock alerts of emergency nutrition supplies from any health distribution point, anywhere.
Introducing GeoSeals.

GeoSeals is a new Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solution to monitor and manage stock levels of nutritional supplies, developed in partnership with the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and the Frontier Tech Lab.

Learn more about our trials in Ethiopia >

Message in a Bottle
Tracking Plastic for National Geographic’s Sea to Source Expedition

Where does plastic waste in the Gange’s river go? It’s a question National Geographic’s Sea to Source Expedition team wanted to answer. Using Arribada’s Horizon tracking platform, 30 plastic water bottles were outfitted with our new Argos ARTIC transmitter to track their journey down river to the open ocean.

Learn more about the Sea to Source Expedition >

Unlocking access

What we’re working on

Arribada Horizon Biologging & Telemetry

  • Open source hardware biologging platform
  • Supports Argos ARTIC
  • Supports 2G/3G Cellular

Arribada & ZSL

Rugged Timelapse Cameras

  • Configurable timelapse for long-term deployments
  • Low cost, rugged and scalable

    Penguin Watch

Conflict Mitigation

  • Low-cost thermal imaging
  • Embedded machine learning (Tensorflow)
  • Early warning alerts

WWF & Wildlabs

Polar Bear Early
Warning Detection

  • Low-cost thermal imaging
  • Embedded machine learning (Tensorflow)
  • Cellular / LoRa alerts

    WWF & Wildlabs

Microbial Fuel Cell

  • Electricity generation using living plants and microbes
  • Perpetual power for low-energy IoT sensors
  • Early stage prototype

Plant-e, Cambridge University,, ZSL


  • Miniaturised AudioMoth
    passive acoustic recorder
  • Developed for animal
    bourne attachments
  • Compatible with existing AudioMoth firmware

    Designed by Ruby Lee,

    Open Acoustic Devices

Angelshark acoustic

  • Custom enclosure design to seat Vemco receivers
  • Multi-partner colaboration

Angel Shark Project
Ocean Tracking Network

SMART Desktop / Connect live data

  • Display live data received via sensors in SMART Desktop
  • LoRa bridge (show live LoRa sensor data within SMART)

Developed by Krasi Georgiev

Supporting tomorrow’s generation
of conservation technologists

Club Arribada

We re-invest proceeds made through Arribada’s conservation technology development work to provide free after-school digital literacy workshops and STEM activities to <13 year olds, that we call Club Arribada!

Our first club was established on Principe Island and offers conservation technology activities and classes in a safe and supported environment, enabling the children of Principe to grow up with the skills they need to become tomorrow’s conservation leaders.

The Arribada Club program is designed to accompany students throughout the whole school year, offering two classes per week, which amounts to around 40 classes per year.

7 + 13 =





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